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okey dokey!

things look to be all good (apart from dad being totally unlike himself and being a grumpy old man!)

op went well, they haven't turned the thingy on yet, but they stimulated the parts of the brain during the operation and mum said she hasn't seen him not shake at all in like forever! exciting. Apparently this also shows that its effective enough that he shouldn't have to take meds as well! he'll be shakey again by tomorrow, at which point they will turn it all on and check to see its all functioning as should.

Dad is being all pooey though- the last 3 hours of the op are under general anisthetic so we're blaming it on that. he's been making all sorts of grumpy old man demands (bed up, then two minutes later he wants to go to sleep and have the bed down! haha). The surgeon also was talking about how this is only the first step in a lengthly process- learning to deal without the obvisous symptoms but also dealing with the not so obvious ones. parkinson's also affects cognitive functions etc etc. So a long road ahead, but a positive start! I still can't believe its all happening :)
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