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[17 Apr 2009|01:42pm]
So, Tom proposed to me on Easter Sunday, and I said yes.

Everyone asks- how did it happen? And I have to say, our story isn't very exciting. I was cooking potatoes, he tapped me on the shoulder, asked me to marry him, and I said yes.

A little part of me is a bit sad that I didn't get the big proposal with picnic at the beach, or five star hotel etc. It must be so beautiful to have an amazing proposal story to tell. But then I remind myself that it isn't what really matters, and the fact is that as much as I love hearing the amazing stories, I cringe a little at the thought of it happening to me anyways.

We have such grand notions of romance, but really the bells and whistles are just that, and what really matters is that Tom wants to spend the rest of his life with me. That is pretty special.
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HP massive competition- who would I share my winnings with? [05 Dec 2008|01:09pm]

I'm not generally one to enter competitions, but this one is just too good to pass up.
Yes. I am one of the 50. 

So, to answer Casey (from moosh in indy)'s question - "Who would you share all this magic with and how would you do it?"

Personally, I don't have the need for another computer. My apple macbook takes up enough space in my little little home, and the chances are that anything else would become a lovely resting place for one, or both of my dogs.

My dad is 58 and has advanced Parkinson's disease. He has been fighting this horrible degeneration for 16 years already, but has never given in or considered making any adaptations in his life until the last couple of years. Gross motor and general communication is becoming harder and harder, yet her refuses to give up his independent life, which includes his work. I think that the HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC would be absolutely perfect in helping him continue living his life as he is, but with the aid of awesome new technology.

I recently ran into an old school friend of mine at a launch for the 'Homeless world cup' Australian soccer team. As it turns out, he is actually captaining the team in it's quest to win the competition. We didn't go into detail, but in my mind I was wondering whether he was/had been homeless and what had happened. I saw him in a tv special the other night, and it turns out that he had been homeless for several years due to hard drug use, but had been rescued by one of the amazing street campaigners that we have in Sydney- Father Chris Reily. My old friend had gone on to finish university and do his honors degree. For that I would love to send one of those spiffy HP laptops his way to help him in his further education.

My "mother in law" does a lot of work with a church organisation who help refugee immigrants (many from African countries such as Somalia) settle in Sydney. Part of this includes picking up furniture, and any other equipment that may make their life a little bit easier/happier. I would gladly bestow the rest for distribution amongst the families under their care.

And that is my speil! I'm sure there are so many worthy entrants, I don't envy your job in choosing Casey!
(PS- the Moosh is totally the cutest little thing ever!)
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Humbled. [12 Nov 2008|09:10am]
You know those nights where you really don't feel like going out, but you have a ticket to something and friends to go along with so you go? Well last night was one of those.
Big Issue fundraiser -  watching a documentary which was quite possibly the most moving I have seen.
"In the summer of 2006, while the football world's attention was focused on Germany, thousands of players around the globe were training hard and competing to be part of another world cup...The Homeless World Cup.
It began in 2001 as a wild idea to give homeless people a chance to change their lives through an international street soccer competition. Five years later, the annual Homeless World Cup was an internationally recognized sports competition.
500 homeless players from 48 nations would ultimately be selected to represent their country in Cape Town, South Africa—coming from such disparate parts of the world as war torn Afghanistan, the slums of Kenya, the drug rehab clinics of Dublin, Ireland, and the the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.
Win or lose, it would be the journey of a lifetime."


I laughed, I cried and I walked out feeling grateful for everything I have, but also sad with an overwhelming feeling of wanting to help everyone.

If you get a chance- see this movie, support the homeless, buy the big issue and get along to the Homeless World Cup in Melbourne this year.
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Last updated... 13 weeks ago! [04 Apr 2008|09:09am]

hahaha! 13 weeks! I'm an ace blogger!

It's funny how time flies when you're having fun... or bored as it may be in my case. I've reached on of those points where my life has taken on a tedium that I really can't be bothered getting out of bed for. so I though I would isolate the components of my life to figure out what the problem may be.

nope- definitely not the problem. In fact, I would say he's one of the primary reasons I do get out of bed every morning. It's pretty amazing- I remember my mum telling me that you feel it inside when you meet the one. It just feels easy, stress free and never an effort. As much as it irks me when he gets all vague and loses things, it is just all over cute and loveable and really it makes me laugh more than it annoys me :) Aah yes. I am stupid in love... and I get a man who can make sails for our boat for cost price! bonus! Considering he does it for a living maybe it isn't that amazing.... moving right along, a picture! 

Sailing is fun. Sailing is also annoying. It's annoying to sail with people who don't listen to you and make stupid decisions. It's also annoying to sit around for hours in the middle of the harbour completely busting to go to the toilet (becuase you helped the boys drink all the beer) with not a lick of wind to be seen anywhere. However, the feeling of when the wind does kick in, and you put up a kite and fly down the harbour in a 28 foot boat overtaking 50 foot maxi's, knowing that one of natures greatest forces is what is powering you would have to be the most incredible thing ever. full stop. Ok, so sailing is great :)

mama and papa and little michi
I just had to make a not about what mum and dad did the other week for us. Tom and I were moving our little boat to it's new home in mosman, and mum and dad wanted to come down to have a squiz at our first sail in it (not that that happened- we ran out of time!). So they drove down to Mosman, helped us carry the boat about a km and brought us a picnic! Champagne to wet the boat and a freshly baked chocolate cake that was still warm! So we sat on the wharf watching the rich people go past on their lovely big boats and surveying the most beautiful city in the world! Little michi is just not so little- he's the raddest little (21 year old) brother ever :)

What do you know! the culprit! I did actually know this all along but I just wanted to give credit to the things in my life that make me happy! Work is boring. I'm working on a major project that I'm really enjoying, but the little bits in between are so tedious that they make me want to throw things. BIG things. I'm over writing current awareness on Torts. I'm over writing about the legal industry. I'm over working with people who seem to need to find something the complain about and can never make a point in one sentence! I'm over doing work for lawyers who just don't give a crap. So I'm being proactive and looking for something else. Anyone need a researcher/ librarian/ knowledge manager? better still, anyone want to pay me to do nothing?

Right, so I've established that the days I go sailing are great. The days I go to work are not. My boyfriend is the best thing ever. I love my family very much.

The end
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The Business [16 May 2007|09:05am]

As off Sunday, "The Business" is coming first in the "Sports Boat" division.

Pretty good for a bunch of people who have no idea, sailing on a boat that is super fast and that no one else in Australia has dared to race here huh?!

[actually, I have no idea what I'm doing, most other people on the boat have a fairly good idea whats going on ;)]

I think its also worth mentioning that the boat is made in trinidad, and our 40 year old eligable bachelor owner/skipper likes to do fancy dancing.
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My new home!! [10 May 2007|03:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

clicky here for picsCollapse )

big, 2 beds, 2 baths, under cover security parking.

moving in just over a week!!!

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Happy Admin day!! [02 May 2007|09:59am]
So, I don't actually work in an admin role, but our firm likes to lump all support staff as admin. I don't really like being classified as admin, but hey- when I get this on my desk in the morning:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
a big lump of rocky road


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

in a nice white china bowl all wrapped up in celephane. Also get afternoon tea :)

so, yay admin day!!
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[16 Apr 2007|10:51am]
[ mood | okay ]

I finally got around to uploading my photos from our fast and furious stint on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago.

I came to a couple of conclusions- clicky here (image heavy!!)Collapse )

5 Crazy days in the sun with Lockie, Dad, Sherryn and other assorted crew members provided me with more laughs that I can remember having in years. Special mention goes to matty and the seedy stripper who lap danced for you- I haven't laughed till I cried in a very very long time!

Today I feel like I might actually be ok.

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[05 Apr 2007|08:48am]
[ mood | tired ]

It feels like every couple of months I hit this same point again, and post about it in here again.

Last night I had one of my classic breakdowns- over everything- the bottom of the barrel had been scraped and there was nothing left to give for myself or for anyone I love.

There has been a lot going on in my house recently, and as always, I seem to take it all on board as my own problems- I just can't help it. I should probably start from the beginning.

My Dad reached a major achievement last week by completeing his first open water sailing race. I was at the finish in Southport and was met by a very very weathered and beaten crew, who explained to me that the weather and seas were worse than in any Sydney to Hobart they had sailed. What a race for my poor papa to be christened with. Since then he has been pretty down. Everyone is so proud of him, and has continually told him so. He the picture of what sailors with disabilities is all about, yet this race showed him he wasn't able to do everything he had hoped he was able to do after his operation.

On top of that, mum is in Europe at the moment, so where we would generally share the "job" of trying to uplift dad, its all feeling pretty lonely. It's just shitty, I don't know how to deal with it properly- I know he's depressed, and I'm doing everything I can to care for him, so that nothing else can bring him down, but I feel like I'm even struggling with that. I honestly have so much apprciation for everything my mum does, but now I have even more. The house is a mess- its dirty. The dog hasn't been on nearly as many walks as he should have been and the fridge is full of rotting vegetables that I don't even have the time to consider cooking.

It feels so self centered writing all this now, but I seriously have reached the bottom. I don't mind being there and helping everyone, but sometimes I need to be looked after too.

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[06 Mar 2007|11:12am]
[ mood | relieved ]

Results say: that my boobies are all good :)

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[19 Feb 2007|04:10pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Free ticket to Snow Patrol tonight at the Hordern.

Working tomorrow night on the charter boat for the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth boat event

and I'm tired already.

But it will be fun- yay!!!

Edit: AND I want to go to the Fall Out Boy concert at the Hordern on the 8th march, but I don't think anyone will go with me. Yes I am Emo.

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[31 Jan 2007|01:24pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

People who always eat from the biscuit/lolly jar, but never contribute anything themselves make me very very angry.

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The view from our villa in Italy [30 Oct 2006|03:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In other news, I am no longer unemployed! woo!

Have interviewed for one job since my return, and have landed it! Pretty happy with those statistics, and the package they're offering isn't too shabby either :) Start date is on Monday, which is pretty much what I had planned for! Happy Happy. My new job is Intranet and Content Librarian in the Minter Ellisons Know-How team. I'm so techy, or will be... maybe..

Adam's back in just over two weeks

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[26 Oct 2006|05:36pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

my love for sailing has become all consuming these last few weeks- All I can think about is being back on the water, seeing Sydney from the best possible angle. leisure sailing on sundays and twilight racing on wednesday nights.


the object of my affection is Kaz (now actually known as NRMA due to a sponsor change!) and is owned by my dad's crew 'Sailors with disABILITIES'. Not all of them are disabled, but all of them are able sailors despite some of them lacking of limbs or senses. They inspire me, and the work that they do with disabled people and their carers is so great.

Bringing joy to someone elses life whilst doing what you love has got to be the coolest thing in the world.

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I am home. [13 Oct 2006|07:37pm]
so far I have:

had dinner with my family

given present to my family

slept in my own bed with a little lovely dog at my feet

scored a job interview at Minter Ellison

gone shopping

made phonecalls to 4 of the most important people in my life


Chinese Laundry tomorrow night- will be there from 8pm. Be there or be square.

I'm pretty jet lagged, but slept 10 hours last night so it isn't that bad.

Despite my boy being on the other side of the world, I am loving being home.

Yarni, I forgot to tell you I bought you ciggarettes, and a bottle of pimms for us to drink in Nelson Bay.

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Peta's Fundraiser B & S Ball [28 Sep 2006|03:36pm]
with photos!!Collapse )

5000 pounds were raised for Peta- which is fantastic. She's now walking, talking and at home. I've been having text and email convo's with her and one of the first things I'm going to do when I get home is a road trip to dubbo to visit her.

I can't believe that we've gone from being told to say our goodbyes to having her write me emails telling me about her plans to move to Sydney permanently and finding work.

keep going Peta :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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My life has become a countdown [26 Sep 2006|04:03pm]
3 days of work left

8 days left in London

1 week and 1 day till I fly to Pisa

2 weeks and 2 days till I land in Sydney


I keep wondering what its going to be like being at home again.

I see photos and people look the same.
I read stories, and people sound the same.

One may safely deduce that things will be the same. But will they? Do I want them to be??

Sometimes thinking about coming home does my head in, but mostly I'm so excited that I really don't know what to do with myself.
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Things I am looking forward to.... [19 Sep 2006|11:40am]
[ mood | excited ]

soaking up the sun in Tuscany

Going to the beach in Sydney- Seeing the pacific ocean, laying on the warm sand

Getting dressed up and going to Opera Bar- Having a glass of champagne between the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge and appreciating Sydney Harbour

Seeing the people who I have missed so so much over the last year- my best friends in the entire world.

Being able to hug my dad properly, to go bike riding with him and to go sailing with him

Walking my dog

Starting a new job

Buying an apartment

Always having someone to call, to go shopping with, to have a drink with.

Sleeping in my own bed!

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[04 Sep 2006|02:17pm]
So it's been about 2 weeks since I got back from Spain so I thought it was about time to share it with you in the shortest form I can manage!

Very long post with photosCollapse )
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okey dokey! [24 Aug 2006|12:44pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

things look to be all good (apart from dad being totally unlike himself and being a grumpy old man!)

op went well, they haven't turned the thingy on yet, but they stimulated the parts of the brain during the operation and mum said she hasn't seen him not shake at all in like forever! exciting. Apparently this also shows that its effective enough that he shouldn't have to take meds as well! he'll be shakey again by tomorrow, at which point they will turn it all on and check to see its all functioning as should.

Dad is being all pooey though- the last 3 hours of the op are under general anisthetic so we're blaming it on that. he's been making all sorts of grumpy old man demands (bed up, then two minutes later he wants to go to sleep and have the bed down! haha). The surgeon also was talking about how this is only the first step in a lengthly process- learning to deal without the obvisous symptoms but also dealing with the not so obvious ones. parkinson's also affects cognitive functions etc etc. So a long road ahead, but a positive start! I still can't believe its all happening :)

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